Friday, April 24, 2015


I have had this blog for a long time.  It's carried me through 3 states, 2 additional kids, and a LOT of yummy food.  I haven't updated it in a very long time for a few reasons.  One of those reasons was that the "man" that I'd spent the last couple of decades with had decided that blogging was a waste of time.  Because I'd dealt with his demoralizing tactics for years, my blogs (all of them!) fell to the way-side and I shut off this valuable tool in my arsenal of self-expression.  Well, guess what!

Now he's gone, out of the picture - shacking up and playing house with an older version of who he wanted me to be.  The kids & I have started over - literally from scratch - and I need to reclaim those things that I love(d) and allowed me to express myself.  I'm not going to spend vast amounts of time drumming up traffic to  my blogs.  I'm not going to worry about SEO and social media marketing.  I just want to reclaim these places that I loved and had spent so much time and energy building, to continue to make it a source for others - as well as me - to go for yumminess!  Follow along if you'd like :)