Wednesday, August 29, 2007


While talking with Elizabeth over at Table for 5 and, she mentioned she was going to be doing a post about her kids favorite lunchbox lunches. Since my kids are homeschooled, we don't have lunchboxes, but it does open up a bigger avenue for lunches for them. Here is one of their new favorites.

Tuna Macaroni Salad - I know - it's so simple! But we enjoy using different kinds/shapes of macaroni and I enjoy the simplicity of it. Here's our latest combination.

1 - 12 oz. package of Wacky Mac (if you don't have these, they're pasta made with veggies, which gives them their color!)
approximately 2 tbls. finely chopped onion (I used green onion today)
1 carrot, which I first shaved with my vegetable peeler, and then chopped with the knife, basically to hide it from both the kids and myself LOL
1/2 c. light mayo
2 cans chunk white tuna

While the pasta is cooking (approximately 10 minutes), I mix the tuna(drained) and mayo, adding in onion & carrot. Once the pasta is cooked, I rinse it under cold water and drain it well. Then, just toss (gently) with the tuna mixture. IT's really that simple!

Just be careful of these:

Yeah, found that in the can of tuna! Anyway, what's your kids' favorite lunchtime meals?


Elizabeth Edwards said...

That looks good to me, and it could go in a container with a cold pack for a lunchbox, too! You should totally be a Guest Chef on MomCooks!

P.S. Thanks for the awesome link love :)