Saturday, October 25, 2008

More linky love

So, as I mentioned, I went to BlogHer Boston and heard these amazing women talk about cooking and blogging and the food blogging community. They mentioned a few sites that they enjoy and I've just finally gotten a chance to take a look at some of them, and O M G. You've GOT to check them out - just don't get zapped licking your computer screen.
  • Food Gawker - their tag line is "feast your eyes" - and it's SO true!
  • Photograzing - similar to Food Gawker - another delicious resource.
The main idea of the Social Media Can Save Dinner is this: The food blogging community is both huge and generous. So getting traffic to your blog is entirely possible when you start visiting AND COMMENTING on other people's blogs - it's the same basic concept for any type of blog. I didn't use to have a lot of food blogs on my blog roll because I'm a google girl. When I need help with a recipe, I google it. Of course, if we ALL did that, no one would have any kind of traffic on their blogs, and we'd all just sit here getting depressed at our stats and lack of comments. So I'm going to try to get to more food blogger blogs, introduce myself, try your recipes and make some new friends :)

So - tell me - who are your favorite food bloggers? Leave me your link and their link in the comments and I'll be by!



Shana said...

Wow!!!!! Love these sites! Thanks so much for sharing!

The Daily Dish said...

First, congrats on going to Blog Her that is awesome! (slightly jealous!)

Anyway, these two sites are two of m favorites! Your blog is awesome so keep posting these yummy little finds and we're all good :)

I left you an award on my blog.