Monday, August 23, 2010

Basil Lillet Slush

You’re probably thinking “wha…?”.  I would have been too, had I heard that name before I actually HAD the drink.  Let me explain.

2 weeks ago (wow, time flies), I attended BlogHer, a big blogging conference in New York City.  About 2 weeks before the conference, I received an invitation to attend a blogger’s night out party at … get this… MARTHA STEWART’S PLACE!  Ok, not her HOUSE, but at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.  Impressive, no?


invite I was so psyched!  A roof top party in New York?  The photographer in me said HELL YEAH!

Well, the weather said hell no.  So it was held inside one of their studios, and it was packed to the gills with bloggers of all walks. For me personally, I had no idea how I’d made the invite list, as I’d never even talked about Martha before, have I?  But hey, I was there.  As I showed you previously, the food was amazing.  The swag (gifts) was amazing. The view – amazing. 

In fact, several of us were waiting outside our hotel for a taxi that evening – to go to Martha.  A man approached us and asked if we’d like a limo.  We collectively rolled our eyes and went back to sweating.  The guy was serious, and only wanted $5 per PERSON to take us to the location – which was across the city – at RUSH HOUR.  So 8-1/2  of us jumped out of the taxi line and took A LIMO to the Martha Stewart party, thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, the party was amazing (as long as you weren’t claustrophobic), and one of the DRINKS served was green.  I was dubious – especially when they said it was BASIL.

Because of the crowd, it was difficult to hear the bartender list the ingredients, but I figured hey, I love basil – vodka – ok… and it’s free,  why not try it.

THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION of that night. Ok, maybe not the whole night, but damned close. Anyone who asked me about the party that night, and the rest of the weekend – that’s the first thing I told them about – the BASIL drink. LOL

Because I don’t want to get sued by Martha, I’m just going to give the link to the drink – but seriously, go – read – make – drink.